Tableware-Wow (2019-03-19)

Parsley in Time’s new tableware designs turn the point of difference factor up to eleven…

Suggestions is a series of remarkable tableware designs that will appeal to foodservice operators who are searching for a look that’s both entirely different and ultra-chic.  Created by RAK, and launched in the UK by Parsley in Time, the concept behind Suggestions is to help chefs express themselves, by fusing gastronomic ideas with natural lines and features. 

For example, the Suggestions Shaped range uses organic shapes and sensual curves to create plates and bowls that demand to be touched.   Meanwhile Suggestions Create is a series of circular and rectangular plates that feature embossed zones that allow a meal’s various elements to be kept separate.  Suggestions Chill uses deep bowls and central stands so that dishes can be served on ice. 

For restaurants wanting ‘amazing’, there’s the Suggestions Amaze design.  It features deep platters and flat plates that can be combined to serve a plate floating above, for example, aromatic herbs or – for a real wow factor – liquid nitrogen. 

“RAK offers a wide range of tableware, from standard, upmarket ideas to really interesting, unusual concepts,” says Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager for Parsley in Time.  “Suggestions takes it to a whole new level, combining stunning looks with truly innovative features.  I can’t think of a more inventive and original series of tableware designs.  It’s eleven out of ten in terms of point of difference.”   

The RAK Suggestions range is available from Parsley in Time with list prices starting at £10.95 for a 14cm black bowl from the Suggestions Shaped range.  There’s also a Suggestions brochure, available to download from the Parsley in Time website. 

For more information, and to shop online, visit www.parsleyintime.co.uk.  For expert advice on tableware and light equipment, or to enquire about exclusive products, call 020 8317 5080 or email info@parsleyintime.co.uk